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Learn the basics of Vev and design techniques in our dedicated help center available to all plans.

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Video Lessons

Follow along and learn from experts in Vev with comprehensive video tutorials.

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Can I trial Vev before signing up for a plan?
Of course. If you want to try on your own, sign up for our free plan. If you think Vev can help your team, we offer tailored trial plans for companies and organizations. Reach out here if you'd like to get started with a tailored plan. When you want to publish a project, simply upgrade your plan and connect to your domain.
How long does it take to learn Vev?
Vev is built with the same intuitive logic as your favorite design tools (Photoshop, XD, Sketch, Figma) so getting started is easier. We also have plenty of videos to help when you need it.
How much traffic can your hosting handle?
Our hosting is built for a high amount of traffic and can handle millions of concurrent visits. We also guarantee all plans with a 99% uptime.
What kind of support does Vev offer?
We offer community and ticket support for all Starter and Professional plans. Priority support options are part of the Team and Organization plans. You can also find answers to most questions at or connect with our community in our Discord.
Can I purchase a domain name through Vev?
No, we do offer domain connections to any service. We want to focus on creating lightning-fast content experiences. Learn how to host on a custom domain here, and learn how to purchase a domain here.
Do you have monthly and yearly billing plans?
We currently only support monthly billing plans for our Starter and Professional plans. However, on an Organization plan, you can opt-in to annual billing.
Can you send me an invoice?
Invoices are available on our Organization plan.
Where can I see a breakdown of my team's associated costs?
You can manage users and hostings associated with your team from the Admin Dashboard (accessible to team admins).
Who is responsible for team payments?
Any editor can upgrade to a Professional or Organization plan and enter payment information. (This will make them a team admin.) After upgrading, only admins can access the Admin Dashboard and manage future payments for the team.
Is there a page limit for projects?
No, but we recommend keeping to under 20 pages in one project. This is to protect sites to ensure page speed and performance. We plan to improve this in future updates. For sites with more that 20 pages, publish two projects to the same main domain.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Feel free to explore and create as many projects as you'd like for free! Then select the plan that's right for you when you're ready to publish.

Let's make the web a more beautiful place, together.

Ready to make something exceptional?


Ready to make something exceptional?

Feel free to explore and create as many projects as you’d like for free! Then select the plan that’s right for you when you’re ready to publish.

Let’s make the web a more beautiful place, together.