Absolutely not, and here is why.

Written by Malin Pettersen

Is long-form content outdated?

A snack vs. a three-course meal

We are in massive competition for engagement. While the shorter, ‘snackable’ forms of content like 30-second TikToks snippets are on a high, and the likeliness of going viral for some short-lived fame is more accessible than ever, why should brands care about creating serious, educational long-form content? Surprisingly to some, data shows that is what people want.

What is long-form content?

There is a discussion amongst industry professionals on when a piece of content classifies as long-format content. On average, it could be anywhere between 700 and 3,000 words, or even more.

The commonality for long-form content is that it is intended to be read, have context, and be research-backed. In recent years, it has become trendy (and necessary) to design interesting, interactive long-format content to engage the target audience.


700 words or more is considered long-form

Is long-form content really that good? The why’s we promised you. 

More sharing over time

Research suggests that well-researched longer-form content will have the potential to drive links and be more shared over time. BuzzSumo’s study of 100 million articles showed that in-depth articles were shared 16 times as often as the shorter form.

Providing value and establishing trust

Longer, in-depth content has a two-fold ability to create value, both for you and for your audience. For you as a brand, showing a well-researched topic can be essential in establishing authority in a space. Longer content is typically seen as more authoritative. Studies on Wikipedia articles (we know you use them) show that the longer the length, the more trustworthy the article.

Providing value with useful content for your audience might result in you answering the questions they are asking. They will see you as valuable and a brand that is part of the solution to their problems.

SEO and evergreen content

Content length can definitely be an aspect of ranking higher for SEO. As reported in a study by SerpIQ, on average, the top 10 results of a search were greater than 2,000 words.

The same study suggested that such long content could classify as ‘evergreen’ – content so good that it will not be ignored by either Google or your audience. Over time, it could become the default reference for the topic.

Lead generation

As a result of all the above, you could potentially increase your inbound lead generation, which is always the goal, whether it turns to business or brand awareness. As per Hubspot, companies are saving an average of $20k per year by investing in inbound vs. outbound marketing.

Add design elements to create more engagement in your long-form content pieces.

Here is the Vev team’s quick top 3 tips:

1. Animations
Add animations with purpose, e.g. to visualize data.


Custom widget created by DNX Studio in Vev. 100% awesome.

2. Intuitive scrolling
Add scroll interactions to engage the audience and drive attention to elements.

Like the Scroll Progress bar on this page, or add Scroll Speed, Scroll Zoom, Parallax or Snap-To.

3. Clever visuals
Use full-width images, videos, slideshows, parallax effects and more to take visuals to the next level in a long-form content piece.