10 Microsite Examples That Demonstrate The Power of Self-Contained Content

June 3, 2022

Words by Jeff Cardello

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Microsites help companies share hyper-focused, branded content that draws audiences in

Chances are you’ve come across a microsite without even realizing it. For companies looking to up their campaign strategies, promote new products, or create some hype around an upcoming event, building a brand-specific web page or website can help boost their content marketing initiatives.

What Are Microsites?

When companies, organizations, or other entities want something a bit more specific than their regular websites, they launch branded microsites. You’ll find them as an offshoot of a main page, or they can exist separately with their own independently branded URLs. Microsites provide spaces where something like a product launch or marketing campaign, idea, or story can be communicated to visitors free from anything that might be distracting. Often existing as a single or small cluster of pages, microsites get right to the point.

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Microsites are effective as hubs for conveying focused content and cut out the clutter, giving visitors a well-defined user experience.

When Should You Use a Microsite?

Microsites are effective as hubs for conveying focused content. Brands may use them as a campaign centerpiece for promoting a seasonal line of products or complimenting other marketing efforts. They may be put into action as a one-off content series that isn’t intended to be anything more than to give visitors a deeper dive into a topic they may be interested in. Microsites may also have a single call to action or goal they want site visitors to take. They exist to draw people in deeper, offering additional information and opportunities to engage, which helps brands further connect with their audience.

There’s often confusion about the difference between a microsite and a post-click landing page. Though they may have much overlap in what they offer, a landing page is always a single web page that shows up on a parent website. Microsites, however, can extend to multiple pages and may be accessible through the original website or as a separate URL.

10 Interesting Microsite Examples

Microsites cut out the clutter, giving visitors a well-defined user experience. Let’s check out several microsites from a variety of different fields, showing you why they’re so effective in communicating information to those who visit.

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Sexual consent is a topic that the more discussions we have, the better informed we can be. Samtykke communicates why consent is so vital, through a design that’s filled with facts as well as visuals. Text scrolls over background videos, infographics convey statistics, and there’s a professionally produced embedded video that starts playing on scroll, where the host speaks more about what consent means.

Microsites are an effective way to distill information and fully explore a topic. Samtykke delivers an important message about consent in this smartly designed website built with Vev.


Antes do Tempo merges art with theater to bring different cultures together. This horizontally scrolling microsite tells us how and why this performance came to fruition, as well as what they were hoping to accomplish through it.

This design built with Vev has an avant-garde sensibility, with dramatically lit photos of their performers that fade in on scroll, glowing ghost-like figures, and a bold color scheme. Without even seeing a single moment of what appears on stage, we get a great idea about what it’s all about.

 Microsite examples aren’t limited to just the sphere of retail or commerce, with this theatrical organization taking advantage of this format in capturing the artistry of this performance.

D2 Lede-Stejeurner

This microsite covers 30 influential people under the age of 30 and falls under the umbrella of the Norwegian news outlet DN. The first thing that grabbed our attention was how this doesn’t look like a regular news website. Microsites offer a choice in going with a design aesthetic that might not fit into a company’s regular web page, and DN takes a more creative approach with this design.

With background colors changing on scrolling, hover effects, micro-interactions, and a hip and modern visual feel, this design reflects the excitement and optimism of the young people it features.

We love seeing microsite examples like this that tell people’s stories, and we’re happy to see that they used Vev in putting together this design.

Paard de Hang

Paard Den Haag was a response to COVID-19 in providing funding for musicians, artists, and others involved in creative pursuits. This is a wild, maximalist design, buzzing with contrasting colors, sharp geometric shapes, and glitchy animations.

This design takes an experimental approach that works so well in reflecting the type of creatives they want to provide assistance to. Microsites are the perfect medium for getting the word out about organizations or campaigns that are there to help others out.

Data Rock

With a fun mix of creative visuals, this microsite for the indie synth-pop duo Data Rock not only tells us the history of who they are and what they’ve done, but we get a feel for their goofball personalities. There are some lovely animated effects here, especially the images that slide into place at different durations when you scroll.

We’re also fans of the clashing colors, scribbled illustrations, and other quirky embellishments that fit in so well with Data Rock’s sense of new wave eclecticism.

Listen to Girls

Listen to Girls is a youth organization aimed at empowering and giving guidance to girls. This website starts with an interactive wheel. Once you click and set it in motion it lands on a fact or statistic that directly relates to girls’ lives. It then encourages people to discuss what they think of it, and how it connects to their own experiences.

This microsite’s purpose is to spark conversations about girls’ issues and to empower them through their shared experiences. We love seeing microsite examples like this one that function as pieces of bigger campaigns, whose aim is to improve people’s lives.

UX+ Conference

If you’re trying to promote an event like a conference, music festival, or some other happening, a microsite is an ideal way to tell about who’s going to be at the event, why people should go, as well as an option to buy tickets.

If your conference is about user experience, you must deliver a website that will excite even the most jaded of designers. This microsite from the 2021 UX+ Conference certainly comes through with a visually gripping design. From the morphing three-dimensional shape in the background to the featured speakers’ photos that appear when hovering over their names, this page is full of wonderful visual details, as well as all of the information someone would need to know about attending.

Christian Dior Autumn and Winter Women’s Collection

Christian Dior is known for its refined sophistication and this microsite shows off its Autumn and Winter Women’s Collection in all of its elegance.

Just as a model walks the catwalk with intent and purpose, you’ll also find no unnecessary movement to distract from the beauty of the fashion featured here. This is a minimalist layout, with centered text, followed by three columns of photos, with a sense of simplicity that lets the beauty of this collection shine through.

Big brands often build microsites to launch products or marketing campaigns, and Christian Dior does an exemplary job in creating one right in line with their identity as fashion innovators.

The Conversion Code

Microsites provide an effective space for promoting a single product, especially something like a book. The Conversion Code features its namesake book front and center. Scrolling down triggers an animation that opens its pages, giving you a preview of what’s inside. Along with shifting background colors, animated side-scrolling text, and other touches of motion it’s a dynamic design.

Along with details about the book, there is a single call to action which is to buy the book. We love seeing microsite website examples like this one, that have a simple goal, like purchasing a product and making it easy for its visitors to follow through.


Norwegian architectural firm Treverk not only shows the buildings they’ve been responsible for, but this microsite communicates in an in-depth way who they are as architects and what they value. They don’t do this through broad strokes or generalizations, but rather get into the specifics about their architectural philosophy and how it helps their customers. Along with informative writing, this design features brilliant architectural photos as well as videos of the founders talking about their work.

We always like seeing website examples that lean on storytelling in rolling out content, and Treverk communicates so well about who they are with this design they put together with Vev.

Design Microsites the Simple Way

Looking to launch your own microsite, but don’t know where to start? Let Vev give you a helping hand, with our all-in-one platform that empowers anyone with the tools to bring their design ideas to life, all without knowing how to code. With a straightforward user interface, pre-built elements, and drag and drop functionality, Vev opens up the world of design to everyone.

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