Are you passionate about changing the current landscape of the world wide web?

Join us.

Our values inspire both the platform and the team we are building, every single day.
We’re committed to making the web a more beautiful place with everything we do, and each of us contributes to that effort in our own way. By aligning our passion to what we do best with what we believe matters most results in nothing short of magic.

Let’s free the

world’s imagination, together.

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“Vev has made a safe space for industry experts to test out their best ideas. By simply looking out for one another, what we can create has no limits.”

We look out for one another, because we would not be here without one another. That means our colleagues, our clients and society at large all play a role in what we do and what we make. By empowering each other, we make things better for everyone.





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“I don’t know if it’s the endless opportunities to evolve the platform forward, the freedom we are providing our clients, or the flexibility of our team members. Freedom is just a sense I get every day and it feels inspiring."

The freedom of a blank canvas, the freedom to create without bounds, the freedom to think beyond any limitations, the freedom to share ideas, the freedom of expression. For us, creativity stems from freedom. Stretch your wings and see how far you can fly, we will not get in your way.


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“As a company building a product for an evolving user base, we need to be good listeners, every step of the way. ”

Unique talents, ideas, perspectives and the vast experiences of our employees is what makes Vev tick. We created a product that is to be used by everyone, all over the world, and we fully take the social responsibility that is associated with that. The web is for everyone and products built for the web should be built by everyone.




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“Our platform is such a mirror for the industry in that it changes every day. There's a really fun Daft Punk vibe around here - better, faster, stronger.”

We are locked into the future of art, of tech, of everything. We like to challenge the status quo, evolve, advance and seek greater possibilities. We’re into speed, dynamism, performance, energy, change and progress. We are constantly forward thinking and forward in action.


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We are always working to make new connections, find new perspectives and create new ways for people to work together. At the end of the day, we have to be collaborative in order to build a collaborative design tool, at least that's how we see it. 1+1 = 3.



“The way our team collaborates and values different perspectives has broadened the way we all think, make decisions and our product is a direct result of that.”

Brown, Amber

“As a designer at Vev, I’m completely free of limitations or restrictions. You can basically do whatever you want in the platform, and the team is always excited to see how far our designers can go.”

We’re obsessed with cause and effect, playful innovations, asking questions, seeking answers and putting ourselves in other people’s shoes. We like trial and error, because we aren’t afraid to fail. We’re always on the lookout for the next big idea and are brave enough to chase it.


“To see how our honest internal culture translates into our relationships with our clients and the work they are able to create in Vev is really cool.”

Like the passage of light through an object, we are transparent in all we do. We strive to make it easy for others to see what we are doing and why we’re doing it, every step of the way. The practice of being open and honest helps us break through barriers and helps our people and products thrive.


Are you passionate about

changing the current landscape

of the world wide web?

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