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Vev x Høyskolen Kristiania: Inspiring the Next Generation of Web Creatives

June 17, 2022

Words by Malin Cornelia

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We taught 31 digital content students how to use Vev in three hours. What they created exceeded all of our expectations.

At Vev, we pride ourselves on helping creatives realize their wildest ideas on the web. We’re all about removing the technical barriers that get in the way of creativity, and making it easy to experiment.

So, naturally we jumped at the chance to invite a group of budding web creatives into our platform from Høyskolen Kristiania—an acclaimed Norwegian university college specializing in teaching marketing, communications, art, management, and innovation.

Our expectations were high, but the students still managed to surprise us. Their immediate technical fluency and ability to think completely differently to our professional client base is a prime example of how no-code development is completely changing the way we create the web.

A New Skill Set for the Web

Vev is built around the idea of creative equality. We want to empower content creators with zero knowledge of CSS, HTML, or code, as well as seasoned designers and developers, to create amazing work together from one space. Handing our software over to a bunch of digital content students was, therefore, a terrifying litmus test of everything we stand for.

Would students be able to transform their final course assignments into rich, interactive websites in Vev after just a brief introduction to the platform? Are our "no-code" capabilities really as intuitive as we think they are?

We led three one-hour sessions to teach the group the basics of Vev, and then left them to their own creative devices. What followed was a beautiful example of how the skill set for web creation is undergoing a rapid shift. Armed with low-code and no-code possibilities, a new generation of creative talent is already redefining what and how we create on the web—as well as who can create.

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"Vev gave us great freedom to create the website we wanted—we experienced no restrictions when we went to create it."

A New Breed of Content Tools

Our workshops formed part of the one-year Digital Content Production degree, which teaches students the art of visual storytelling and how to use a variety of tools to craft a narrative.

As a course that is only interested in using the most dynamic, future-proof content production technology, we were humbled that Vev made the list. Course director, Abel Aga, explained that Vev’s creative possibilities made collaboration a no-brainer:

"Templates make it easy for anyone to create websites these days, but then your creativity is also hindered. Vev gives new content producers the freedom to find their own style. It’s the most interesting tool within content right now."

"I strongly recommend all schools to collaborate with Vev. You get a fantastic tool and the opportunity to work with incredible people."

— Abel Aga, Course Director

Final Student Projects in Vev

We’re super impressed by what the students produced in such a short time frame—proving it’s possible to create striking, immersive web experiences without the traditional developer resources or budget. Here's just a handful of the student projects that caught our attention.

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Made by Aurora and Inga

Made by David

Made by Elin and Kine

Made by Hilde and Leane

We are so grateful for the students' fresh perspective and approach—interpreting Vev in creative ways that we don’t often see. They also reassured us that we're not going in the complete wrong direction with our product development. Clearly, no-code and low-code web creation is the future.

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"Vev is easy to understand and a great platform to work in. Unlike other platforms where you are more locked in, it was refreshing to be able to design the page from scratch as you wanted."

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