What's New: Spline, GA4 & Custom Attributes

May 31, 2023

Words by Yujin Jo

We've got lots of exciting updates to share this month! Check out your brand new Spline embed element, Custom Attributes (in beta), and Google Analytics 4 plugin, primed to equip you for a smooth transition from GA3. Let's delve into the details.

Add a Little 3D Splash to Your Design

Your new Spline embed allows you to seamlessly incorporate mind-blowing, 3D models into your Vev project — either as elements or entire sections. When used strategically, 3D elements can trigger instant user engagement while highlighting important features about your product, brand, or service. A simple copy/paste of your Spline file's public URL is all it takes — and voila: you've just taken your design to new interactive heights.

Double-click this Element to add your Spline URL

GA4 is Almost Here

Chances are you've been hearing a lot about the impending arrival of Google Analytics 4. This advanced version moves away from GA3's basic user activity tracking to introduce AI-powered insights for predicting customer behavior and improving their experience. As GA4 officially launches on July 1, 2023, GA3 will soon be bidding us goodbye. To ensure you're ready for this shift, we've introduced a new GA4 integration — set it up today to keep your analytics on track.

Introducing Custom Attributes (In Beta) 

Here's how to activate Custom Attributes:

  1. From the Dashboard, click your user name in the bottom-left corner, or click this link to get there. 
  2. Scroll to the bottom of your Profile page and find "Experimental features". 
  3. Toggle on “Custom Attributes” to turn the feature on.

You can then head to any Vev project and start selecting elements that you want to add Custom Attributes to. 

As we're still refining this beta feature, your feedback is invaluable. Please reach out to us at hello@vev.design with your thoughts. 🙌

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