Vev vs. ceros


Vev and Ceros are competitors in the interactive content niche, and at first glance the platforms look quite similar.

We put our slightly biased hat on and had a deeper look.


Ceros has inline CSS styles which cannot be cached and can cause unnecessary server load.

Vev precompiles all styles into optimized external CSS files.

Code quality

We don't really know. It's probably great as well. 🀷

Vev has free Community support on Spectrum and Slack support for Enterprise clients.


Their own Analytics, and Google Analytics.

Vev has plugins to almost any analytics platform out there and we add more on request.


Many Ceros projects are tagged by adblock. πŸ™

No blocked sites.


Only embed your project.

A variety of Integrations such as Standard DNS setup, SFTP, Webhook, Embed or Proxy lets you create the workflow that fits your company.

Publishing integrations


Of course.

Embed your project

Contact their sales department and tell us :)



πŸ™Œ Animation tool that can animate all elements.

πŸ™Œ Animation tool that can animate all elements.

Native animations

Ceros has a set of well-designed projects you can reuse.

In Vev, you can create templates reusable for both designers and copywriters, making Vev perfect for both fully custom websites and simpler projects.

Create templates

Simple SDK to edit elements.

A native React Developer Tool lets you create new components and editors, and lets you customize the native ones. 😲

Code editor

Design tool quite (πŸ˜‰) familiar to designers, that generates code in the background.

Design tool familiar to designers, that generates code in the background.

Design editor


Vev logo

Ceros and Vev are both great platforms and are serving interactive content for impressive clients. The platforms also have many similarities in terms of their respective design tools, but the similarities stop there.

In addition to the Design Editor, Vev has more functionality for developers, and the software is also more customizable to the users' needs; be that different hosting options, custom tracking, or user management.


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