Go beyond visual,
create custom code

Vev offers an environment for teams to build and thrive in, which means developers can focus on crafting amazing digital experiences.

Developer features that save time

Vev offers a library of built-in components, but if that's not enough, access the Code Editor and create your own.

The Code Editor, at a glance

  • React (Version 17.0.1)
  • TypeScript
  • Sass
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • NPM

Code components, not full websites

Save time by crafting interactive components and sections in the Code Editor. Share with your entire team and scale.

  • React codebase
  • Similar to working in Visual Studio Code
  • Shared components across teams

Link to the Design Editor with smart form inputs

Let other editors customize to their needs. Simply set in the form fields for each input and other team members can take it from there.

Rachel got a job with which company in Paris?


Completed. Your score:



<TextField name="questionText" />

Connect CSS attributes directly to the Design Editor

Spend too much of your time getting styles to be perfect to the design mocks? Connect everything to the Design Editor using the 'vev' command, and let the designers worry about that.

background: vev($primary);

color: vev($primary3);

opacity: vev();

border-radius: vev (5px);



Integrated Editors

The Code Editor links directly to the Design Editor, making collaboration with designers easy.

Prototype rapidly

Create and test new components rapidly, and get instant feedback from editors.

Get started quickly

The Code Editor form inputs link directly to the Design Editor, making collaboration with designers easy.

Forking elements

Use a single click to obtain your own editable copy of code for any public Vev widget.


Never worry about pushing bad code when you can revert to a previous version with one click.


Developed widgets can be made available to a single project, a whole workspace, an entire team, or to anyone on your account. Change availability at any time.

NPM access

Access the largest repository of open source code to bring pre-coded functionality into your own widgets.

Filetree organization

Freedom to create a flexible file structure where you can add additional folders or JavaScript, TypeScript, and CSS/SCSS files.

Vev code library

Offers useful components and modules that make it easy to build user-friendly widgets that your designers will love you for.


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