Scale production

Scale Production

save time and accelerate your workflow

The combination of Vev's Template Builder and Content Editor enables you to produce web design with high scalability.



Build reusable sections

Not all web projects are one-offs.
Use the template builder to build and store sections you want to reuse in future projects. Enable content editors to build projects based on templates with access to only edit content, not design. Create a framework for web design produced at scale.

Content Editor

Start from template

In the Content Editor, all team members can produce web projects based on pre-made sections. Arrange sections in your preferred order, add content, and launch sites adapted to all screen sizes.


Toggle between content and design mode. Designers can tweak design, while content editors work with content.




Use Saved Styles to create styling options available in the Content Editor.

Color Palette

Switch your color palette, and automatically switch color on elements with the color attribute.

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