Our fast and powerful drag-and-drop editor is built so that any professional designer can create websites visually, without limitations.

Visual design for the professional creative

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Rapid site building with customizable components

Vev offers tools to build sites in a simple but powerful way. Fully customizable widgets enable you to drag-and-drop and design your way to launch. Explore the Vev store for the building blocks to set up your site quickly, and make it look and act exactly as you envisioned.

Build custom components

Vev bridges the gap between design and code by turning advanced React components into visual elements. Developers can create components and give them unique UI controls, so designers can reuse and customize them for all projects. Every property, content and style can be surfaced and edited without touching the code.

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1. p{
2. background:vev();
3. opacity: vev();
4. margin:vev(14px 0);
5. padding:vev();
6. border:vev();
7. border-radius: vev();
8. box-shadow: vev();
9. text-shadow: vev();
10. font-family: vev();
11. font-size: vev();
12. font-weight: vev();
13. text-transform: vev();
14. line-height: vev();
15. letter-spacing: vev();
16. word-spacing: vev();
17. text-align: vev();
18. color:vev();
19. }

For all screen sizes out there

With Layout Presets you are able to fully customize the sizes, inheritance, and scaling of your site. Presets prepares your canvas to suit any type of project and makes sure that you project scales perfectly between different screen sizes. Produce banner ads, interactive presentations, landing pages, mobile-only sites or fully scalable websites, all in the same tool.


Group content together in Vev by using a Frame. Smart positioning enables you to resize frames for different screen sizes.


Access Google Fonts, Adobe Fonts, Unsplash, Font Awesome, and more resources directly from the editor.


Save any setting as a reusable style to increase efficiency and update several components at once.


Import Lottie files or make your content come to life using the built-in animation tool.

Templatize to scale production

Not all sites are one-offs. Create templates for articles, campaign sites, banners, or any standardized format to scale production.

Content editors can build projects based on templates with access to only edit content. Create a framework for web design produced at scale.

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