Getting Started With Vev ENTERPRISE

We know that introducing a new tool to your team and implementing a new workflow can feel both timely and costly. To make the transition as smooth as possible, we have put together an onboarding program ensuring you a fast learning curve, quick results, and scalability effects.



Getting Started

What to expect when getting started with Vev


Before you can commit to buying Vev, we offer a 2-week trial period.
Start by selecting a group of test users you want to take a closer look at Vev.

Send their name and email address to us, and we'll set up a direct Slack channel to help them test.


You've decided our Vev Enterprise package is a good fit. The Enterprise deal includes a mandatory onboarding package to get your chosen super users started. We commit to help you with:

  • Detailed training of super users
  • Build and launch your first site
  • Technical setup connecting Vev to your existing solutions
  • Build templates
  • Build your first custom widgets


You'll now set up internal workshops to onboard the rest of your team.

We recommend doing this after producing basic templates, and by producing actual projects.


Your whole team can now be productive.

Content editors produce articles through the Content Editor, your designers produce custom projects with ease, and your developers are suddenly available when you need something innovative.


You want to standardize design (set up several templates) and publishing, and keep removing bottlenecks.

Streamline workflows

Customization on anything or everything

Fresh ideas, innovative products and new sources of income

Streamlined workflows

Enhanced collaboration between cross-competence team members – produce faster, better and smarter

Goal Recap

After onboarding, you WILL achieve

Enhanced collaboration
Fresh ideas


Trusted by leading publishers, agencies and storytellers

Collaborate with developers

Visual website builders will always meet limitations, leading you to compromise on your vision or exporting the code and handing off the control to developers.

Complete Freedom

To give you complete freedom, we merged our Design Editor with a complete React Code Editor, where developers can build reusable components, expanding the designers' toolbox.

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