One-click publishing to anywhere

Vev provides the most flexible hosting solutions on the market.

We have hosting solutions optimized for standalone sites and powerful integrations covering the needs of large enterprises.

99.99% uptime

Go ahead and relax, knowing you have reliable hosting used by large enterprises worldwide.

Millisecond page load

Our standard hosting plan lets you serve your websites through our Netlify CDN. This, paired with our built-in optimization, loads sites in milliseconds.

Infinitely scalable

Vev standard hosting with Netlify CDN scales automatically to handle millions of concurrent visits.

SSL by default

Vev standard hosting comes with a SSL Certificate which serves content on the web securely.

HTTP/2 compliant

Ensured fast loading with the HTTP/2 standard.

Publishing Integrations

Even though Vev Standard Netlify hosting is cutting edge, your enterprise and/or clients might have internal systems and regulations stopping you from using third-party solutions. We have solutions enabling you to use Vev to build anything and publish it anywhere to any destination.

Enterprise plan


Webhook publishing allows you to publish projects with user-defined HTTP callbacks. This enables you to send Vev content to endpoints such as a template in your CMS or to a section on your existing website.

Team & Enterprise plan


Embed a Vev project, or parts of a project, anywhere you want by inserting a script tag into your HTML.

Enterprise plan


SFTP or FTP integrations allow you to publish directly to your own server without exporting code. This also enables you to update sites on your server through Vev.

Enterprise plan


We can upload your content to S3 buckets owned by you or your company. You can then serve that content however you want.

Team & Enterprise plan


Download your sites compressed in a ZIP file and host it on your domain registrar server, like in the 90s.

Asset optimization

Resources like images and videos are automatically compressed on upload

One small Vev JS file

Our whole library is a single file at ~70KB

Pre-rendered Content

No waiting for dynamic content to load; what can be rendered server-side will be

Vev site optimization

Even better than best practices.