Vev and Shorthand are competitors in the interactive content niche, but our products are incredibly different.

Vev vs. Shorthand

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The beginning of scrollytelling

When the new “scrollytelling” format emerged in the media industry, publishers could follow the trend either by hardcoding articles for bespoke pieces or by producing templates that standardize the format but differentiates from the regular news articles.

Instead of having their developers produce templates, some decided to buy Shorthand's template. The template consists of 7 types of sections where you can add your content. If you want to make changes to the template such as specified fonts, colors, styles, default header logos and more, you need to order a branded theme from the Shorthand team. Even so, it doesn't take a trained eye to recognize a Shorthand template.


Storytelling is incredibly powerful when done right. Vev will enable any brand to tell their story in their unique way. With Vev you will be able to streamline the production of customized projects, leave hard coding behind, and increase margins on professional and engaging storytelling.

Vev enables professional users to collaboratively create customized digital products at scale. In addition to a very flexible design tool, we focus on providing enterprises with a design system where they can manage their digital communication across all their existing platforms.

Our content editor can be compared to Shorthand's section-based builds. Less technical team members can build products such as articles, campaigns and banner ads based on pre-made sections. There is no need to ask us to provide themes - our design editor enables you to customize anything (or everything in the code editor).

Google Analytics or see how many has read your story in Shorthands built-in system.

We provide plugins for your preferred analytics tools (there's even a Segment plugin). Simply track every interaction.


We think you can embed a story into your CMS.

Connect your widgets to any database, and publish Vev projects to your existing CMS (with one click).


Download zip and upload to server.

Yes – with one click

Publish to server



Publish to
custom domain

Not optimal


Code quality



Allows collaboration



Suitable for large enterprises

One template with 7 sections.

Create your own templates to streamline high volume productions or pick one from our growing library. Customize every single detail without coding (Or add the cherry on top by adding your custom widgets!).


You can order custom sections from Shorthand or embed HTML.

The Vev code editor allows you to write beautiful React components which can be styled and edited visually in the design editor, and reused for new projects. This enables you to build sections and widgets which can be reused across all your projects.


Some of the sections have animated effects with image sequences and transitions.

Yes + pre-made sections with animated effects with image sequences and transitions

Animation tool

Shorthand is purely template-based, with 7 content sections, without customizability, unless you order a theme from Shorthand or code.

Start from a blank canvas and build your exact vision in our design tool, while the code is automatically generated in the background. The design editor is inspired by well known design systems, enabling designers to get started right away.

Design freedom




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