Even though Vev is a professional web design platform, a common response we get when introducing Vev is: 'Oh, like Squarespace'. We wish we could afford Idris Elba in our advertisements... But in addition to marketing budgets, there are fundamental differences between Vev and Squarespace, leaving room for both on the market.

Read on to see which platform is right for you.


Squarespace is template-based, with limited customizability, which makes it easy for anyone to have and manage a website. On the other hand, Squarespace, and other no-code solutions, prioritize ease of use at the expense of flexibility. While no-code website builders have done wonders for availability and productivity, they are not the right solution for anyone looking for something unique or advanced.

We built Vev to enable professional users – designers and developers (and content creators and journalists and marketers) – to collaboratively create customized digital products at scale. This calls for a more advanced and flexible tool while packing the platform with solutions for increasing productivity and scalability.

Squarespace lets you customize basic SEO markup like page titles and descriptions, and has very basic tools for semantic element markup.

Every aspect of Vev was built to help you get discovered organically, including auto-generated sitemaps, clean and indexing-friendly code, and speed!


Squarespace offers solid blogging, event publishing and email marketing tools.

Connect your widgets to any database, and publish Vev projects to your existing CMS.




Publish to server



Publish to
custom domain

Not optimal


Code quality



Allows collaboration



Suitable for large enterprises

Plentiful and pretty, but with limited customizability. More flexible if you know your way around CSS.

Create your own templates to streamline high volume productions, or pick one from our growing library. Customize every single detail without coding (or add the cherry on top by adding your custom widgets!)


Custom CSS can be applied to Squarespace templates and you can embed custom developed work.

The Vev code editor allows you to write beautiful React components which can be styled and edited visually in the design editor, and reused for new projects.




Animation tool

Squarespace is template-based, with limited customizability.

Start from a blank canvas and build your exact vision in our design tool, while the code is automatically generated in the background. The design editor is inspired by well-known design systems, enabling designers to get started right away.

Design freedom


Vev logo

Ceros and Vev are both great platforms and are serving interactive content for impressive clients. The platforms also have many similarities in terms of their respective design tools, but the similarities stop there.

In addition to the Design Editor, Vev has more functionality for developers, and the software is also more customizable to the users' needs; be that different hosting options, custom tracking, or user management.

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