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Because we also identify as a website builder, a common response we get when introducing Vev is: 'Oh, like Wix'. In this article we have taken the time to dig into the fundamental differences between Vev and Wix, leaving room for both on the market. Read on to see which platform is right for you.


For the professional segment

Vev caters to large teams building digital products at scale, while Wix caters to solo users looking for a way to produce their own site or web store.

Wix is similar to Squarespace in their approach; with templates and an editor with limited options, you do not have to be a professional designer or developer to make a website. We love a DYI project, but we all want the right screws for our drill.

We built Vev to enable professional users to collaboratively create customized digital products at scale. In addition to a very flexible design tool, we focus on providing enterprises with a design system where they can manage their digital communication across all their existing platforms. This includes features such as self-made reusable widgets, creating your own templates, and a flexible publishing system allowing our clients to publish Vev projects anywhere they want.

Limited within the Wix framework

With Corvid, Wix's new open development platform, you can manage content from integrated databases and add your code in the built-in IDE. The disadvantages are a small community compared to other well-known frameworks (such as React.js and Vue.js), and everything you produce is locked within the Wix system, even after publishing. In other words, when you decide to put in the effort and build your site in Wix, you better know that you are deeply committed to the platform. Our developers also forced us to mention that the published code is quite ugly. πŸ™ˆ

As we cater to the professional market; with businesses who might already have their main website built through a CMS, server structures, and preferred analytics tools, we went with a more open and flexible approach. This allows any business to choose Vev as a means to strengthen their digital presence without having to replace any existing systems. This comes to show in the way you produce widgets and the output generated in Vev:

  • The Vev code editor allows you to write beautiful React components. The well-known framework lets developers reuse components they already have, use public libraries to expand their Vev toolbox, or even use and share components built in Vev on other platforms.

  • When you are ready to publish, Vev generates the finished product as a static file. With our sleek publishing integrations, we enable one-click-publishing to any server or CMS. This enables our clients to not only publish landing pages on external custom domains, but also banner ads and articles that can be integrated into any existing CMS.



Publish to server



Publish to custom domain

Not optimal


Code quality



Animation tool



Allows collaboration



Suitable for large enterprises


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