What's New: Page Search and Responsive Images

April 4, 2022

Words by Yujin Jo

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It's finally starting to feel like spring and we are marking the occasion with some exciting updates.

We're busy working on some large updates, but are happy to introduce two life-enhancing improvements in the meantime that will bring more power to you and your projects.

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2 Improvements · 2 Bug Fixes

Page Search

You asked, we built it! You can now search pages in your projects by title on the top page bar. We hope it makes your life a little easier—it's certainly made managing our own site in Vev a breeze.

Pro tip: For optimal performance, we recommend having no more than 20 pages in one project.

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Responsive Background Images

You didn't ask, but we did it anyways! Background images in sections will now load smaller sizes for each device type.

Smaller sizes mean faster response times, and faster response times mean a faster page load. On average, images account for more than 60% of the bytes required to load a web page, so this improvement is a big win for your SEO game.

Our CTO, Nicolay had this to say: "As far as we know, Vev is one of the few platforms supporting automatic responsive background images for all browsers." Let the record show our jaws have officially dropped. 😉

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Bug Fixes

As usual, check out our official changelog for the full list of bugs slayed by the Vev team in the last week.

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