A solid digital presence is ever more important for brands. In response, agencies are looking for a cost-efficient way to deliver digital content and marketing collateral to their clients, and in-house production is on
the rise to tackle the ever-growing demand.

Vev vs. Foleon



Publish to custom


Connect your widgets to any database, and publish Vev projects to your existing CMS (with one click).


Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

We provide plugins for your preferred analytics tools (there's even a Segment plugin). Simply track every interaction.


From what we have tested, the consumer experience is quite slow and glitchy.

You will have to test yourself, but we can promise a smooth and stable experience.

Finished site

Not optimal


Code quality


Yes – with one click.

Publish to server

Manage page titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, etc.

Every aspect of Vev was built to help you get discovered organically, including auto-generated sitemaps, clean and indexing-friendly code, and speed!


We do appreciate Foleon's features for collecting leads, such as the Zapier integration.

Vev comes with a wide selection of integrations for hidden features, scripts, pixels, analytics and more.




Allows collaboration

Yes, but only for marketers


Suitable for large enterprises

No coding options, but an iframe element.

The Vev code editor allows you to write beautiful React components which can be styled and edited visually in the design editor, and reused for new projects. This enables you to build sections and widgets which can be reused across all your projects.


You can add some simple animations, such as slide in, to all elements within a column.

Animate any content with our intuitive animations tool. Pre-made sections with animated effects such as image sequences and transitions are also available.

Animation tool

Well, yes

Create your own templates to streamline high volume productions of on brand content, or pick one from our growing library as a starting point.

Vev templates are available for two reasons:

– Templates can be used as a starting point for designers working in the design editor where you can customize every single detail without coding.

– Enable non-creatives to build on brand projects through our content editor.

When building based on a template, you can arrange the sections available in the template in any given order. This enables you to produce a library of available sections, streamlining the production process.


Slow – even the loader has a loader


Platform performance

The editor provides very basic elements such as text and images with limited options for customisation.

A vast variety of widgets, from simple shapes to Lottie Animations.

Widgets /
content elements

Foleon does not offer a design editor as we know it, but you can change fonts and colors on elements. It's quite complicated to design considering the limited options provided. Build within a standard HTML standard where you structure elements within rigid columns and blocks.

Start from a blank canvas and build your exact vision in our design tool, while the code is automatically generated in the background. The design editor is inspired by well known design systems, enabling designers to get started right away.

Design freedom

Foleon can not be defined as a website builder, but a way for marketers to replace their PDFs with digital sales and marketing collateral such as white papers, brochures, annual reports, and digital magazines. Foleon's value proposition is that by going digital, marketers will be able to track engagement and generate leads through their marketing and sales collateral.

Vev is a professional web design platform where you can produce websites, landing pages, scrollytelling and whatever you set your mind to. Our goal is that when you onboard your team to Vev, it will be a long term investment which will increase productivity and cut costs on all digital productions.

Products you can



To summarize

Foleon can not be defined as a website builder, but a way for marketers to replace their PDFs with digital sales and marketing collateral such as white papers, brochures, annual reports, and digital magazines.

Vev is a versatile professional web design platform with the flexibility to produce whatever you set your mind on; websites, landing pages, scrollytelling, and more.


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