10 Wonderfully Powerful Single Page Website Examples

October 4, 2022

Words by Jeff Cardello

As much as we love big websites filled with visuals and writing, there is much to be said about the simplicity of a single page website design.

A single-page website, as its name implies, is self-contained. There are no links to additional internal pages, with every piece of it accessible from one space. This isn’t to say that a single-page web design boxes people in. Interactions, animations, horizontal scrolling, transitions, and other engaging visuals can all work together to make it feel much bigger than one page. We’ve pulled together some tips and single page website examples to showcase the power of small packages.

What Types of Content is a Single Page Website Suited For?

While you can use a single page website to communicate almost anything, there are a few common applications that really lend themselves to the format. As more brands adopt a more minimalist approach to messaging, we’ve seen a boom in these types of single page website:

  • Creative portfolios
  • Design studio websites
  • Landing pages
  • Event websites
  • Product pages
  • Agency websites
  • Tech startups

Of course, these aren’t the only single-page website examples out there, and you’ll find other ways that individuals and companies are using them to reach people and get their messages out there.

10 Powerful Single Page Website Examples

One-page websites offer a concise way to deliver key messaging to an audience. We’ve gathered a variety of different single page website examples that all utilize different design techniques to maximize their use of space.

Gerard Stric

Our first single page website example is a portfolio website. There are a few approaches you can take when putting together an online portfolio. Some go for multi-page designs filled with case studies and other content, others choose to distill their work and skills into a single-page. Gerard Stric opts for the latter, making his skills and talents as a designer immediately recognizable. Built with Vev, this portfolio has a clean layout with several low-key scroll-triggered animations and hover effects, as well as a simple gallery of featured projects.

Instead of trying to fit too much content into each featured project, this single page website example links externally to each project’s respective Figma file. This grants immediate access to his work, offering a beneath-the-hood look at how Gerard approaches design.

If you’re a creative professional, having an online portfolio is essential. A single page website gives potential clients an idea right away of what you’re capable of.


This single page website example for tech company Morpho, the opening screen shows an animation of a caterpillar spinning a cocoon and emerging as a butterfly. From here, a line, much like a string of silk, is threaded through each screen. It takes on different forms, carrying this theme of metamorphosis throughout.

This single page website example benefits from a mix of visual elements. There’s vertical and horizontal scrolling, simple line drawings juxtaposed over detailed illustrations, as well as a host of parallax effects. This use of contrast keeps the visuals from feeling repetitive, which is an important consideration for any one-page website.

Change By Design

If you’re designing a website for a conference, music festival, talk, or other event, a single page web design helps you communicate all of the important details in a short amount of space. Change by Design is an event in Norway for creatives. This example of a single page website showcases details of the event including its speakers and programs in a design full of bold text and creative combinations of colors.

Built with Vev, Change by Design puts into action effects like scroll-triggered transitions that change the colors of the background and text. They’ve also set content into blocks that scroll over fixed backgrounds, communicating these points at a patient pace. All of the elements come together offering a user experience that feels easy to move through.

The goal of any event page is to inspire people to attend. Change by Design communicates all that’s special about its conference in a visually captivating yet small piece of web real estate. If you’re looking for single-page website examples to help inspire you in designing an event page, Change by Design is well worth checking out.


This site from Ciety showcases just how deceptive one page websites can be. With a colorful and immersive website brimming with parallax effects, animated transitions, and interactivity, it’s easy to forget you are still on the same page. Every downward movement reveals dynamic visuals, keeping you anticipating what’s going to come next.

A single page website is always at risk of feeling like a long monotonous scroll if it forgoes interactions and visual effects. With a dazzling array of visuals, Ciety never loses your attention.


We love this one-page website from Chartipedia, who specialize in helping clients craft data into captivating visuals.

Designed in Vev, Chartipedia took full advantage of Vev’s extensive library of pre-coded design components. Opening up this web page is a horizontal scroll of colorful letterforms, and this embedded MP4 video.

Subtle touches of motion are woven through the whole page, like the icons below that slide into place on scroll and the pulse effect applied to the final row. This block of content also links out to different topics, giving visitors a way to jump straight to the sections that they’re interested in.

With dark gray backgrounds, dashes of vibrant colors, sleek animations, and examples of the data visualizations they’ve created for clients, Chartipedia effectively communicates their expertise in bringing together artistry and data, all within one page.


If you’re working on a project that requires kid-friendly music, Mubasic offers a variety of options made by its pool of creators. At the top of this single page website example you’ll find colorful piano keys, each triggering a different sound. Aside from being fun to play with, this perfectly captures the quality of the audio they offer. This design has a child-like sense of playfulness that fits in perfectly with their brand identity.

There’s also a wonderful sense of simplicity throughout. UI elements are big—like the play button that accompanies each song clip—and every interactive element is obvious in its functionality.

With bright colors, quirky icons, and an easy way to hear all of Mubasic’s different sound examples, this one page website makes it easy to listen to their music in a way that’s also amusing.

Aumaan Art

Vev’s Customer Success Manager Lewis, a.k.a Aumaan Art, crafted this gorgeous single page website example in Vev for his illustration work. We always enjoy seeing single-page website examples for artists and this no-nonsense design manages to capture enormous amounts of creativity in a condensed amount of space.

With subtle scroll- and mouse-triggered animations, as well as a striking design above the fold, visitors to this one-page site are immediately hooked. A short scroll from the top brings you directly to a gallery of character illustrations, and clicking on each image opens up a larger new window. A clean contact block is nestled right below this. Everything is displayed in a single yet imaginative space.

Salt Studio

Salt Studio impresses us with a smart sense of eclecticism with this minimalist-inspired single page website example. At the start, your cursor takes on an asymmetric shape. It’s a small visual element, but shows you right away that Salt Studio isn’t afraid to experiment. Throughout, there are other creative touches, like this gallery that flips through different images as you click on the “MORE” button.

Salt Studio also knows to use space. By mixing in horizontal scrolling, it has the feel of a larger website. They’re able to fit in a lot of content, while still maintaining a design that is open and uncluttered. If you’re looking for single-page website examples that maximize screen space, Salt Studio is well worth checking out.


This single page website example from Viita Watches wows visitors over with a design full of layered visuals, animations, and bold typography. Working within the limitations of a one-page design often leads to novel solutions in opening up space, and Viita Watches is full of creativity.

In this screen above, they’re able to show an entire timeline. As a visitor scrolls through the different points on it, images of watches and text appear on the left. It’s interactive and communicates a large amount of information in a short amount of space.

This is another one of the single page website examples we came across that fills its space with animation and activity, making it feel much bigger than it is.

Fictional Typeface

A one-page site is an excellent way to launch a product. This single page website example by Fictional Typeface bills itself as “a friendly and quirky typeface” and this design with its oversized custom cursors and bright color scheme reflects its offbeat sensibilities.

Generally, typeface websites show examples through strings of unmoving text. Here the different characters in the Fiction Typeface are displayed in this interactive table. Instead of scrolling through it fast, one is inspired to click through it and check out the different letterforms.

If you’re putting together a product page, a one-page design lets you offer a focused user experience that wastes no time in communicating why someone should make a purchase, as well as not allowing for the risk of them being on a different page to your CTA to purchase.

Build a Single Page Website

Ready to build your single-page website? Vev empowers provides all the tools you need to be original—and publish anywhere on the web. Design your website visually using our extensive library of advanced design components, animations and scroll-triggered effects. You also have the freedom to embed any type of content, and fill your design with dynamic visuals.

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