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Schibsted is an international family of digital consumer brands including world class media houses, leading marketplaces and digital services that empower consumers. Millions of people interact with Schibsted companies every day. 

Let’s take a journey through their challenges, solutions, results, shall we?

The challenges

Slow and not very steady

Schibsted's Consumer Business department was constantly on the lookout for a digital content tool that would help generate more subscription revenue, a tool that was collaborative and a true partner. Their current toolset left them feeling isolated, with constant blockers that made it feel like everything could collapse at any moment. 

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Slow production process limited sales

The amount of time and resources required to launch new sales concepts drastically limited their ability to run daily sales and campaign efforts. Marketers, Designers, and Developers were expected to manage multiple handoffs and rounds of iteration before anything saw the light of day.

Unable to adapt to changes

Launching new communication material to existing subscribers and potential new customers required involvement from several departments. This was a collaboration nightmare and increased the time spent on even the most simple productions.

Technical requirements
required hard coding

The business was stuck on older visual builders that generated heavy scripts that impacted site performance. They needed something that would be flexible enough to provide no-code visual building and advanced code injections.

"Vev is a fantastic tool. I can work from anywhere and the tool enables me to make design and completely finished sites without much help from developers. I have more control on details now and get a better finish overall."
- Designer, Schibsted
"The amount of work tasks have decreased, and the tasks left are more engaging. It used to be routine work, and quite boring, to make sales posters or landing pages. Now, our tasks are more related to development and problem solving and more on strategy, overall."
- Developer, Schibsted
"Easy, efficient and fun! Plenty of possibilities, and the fact that we can make changes ourselves without having to be dependent on other departments."
- Marketer, Schibsted

The Solution

No-code and Code — All in one platform

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What designers see in Vev

what developers see in vev

Vev stood out. Way out.

After the developers reviewed Vev's Code Editor, they turned into believers. They were impressed by how closely it matched the other top code editors out there today (looking at you Visual Studio Code). That, coupled with the no-code, visual building flexibility made it a match made in heaven.

Finally, all of their production needs could be met under one platform. 

Easy to implement into Schibsted’s existing platform

Vev came complete with hosting and deployment integrations which made it easy to adapt to Schibsted's processes and workflows. Vev became a tool that could connect and distribute content across all their CMS platforms.

Time savings were obvious in only four weeks

Schibsted was able to implement Vev and set up an entirely new workflow in only four weeks. In less than six months, they would make up all implementation costs. By November 2019, marketers and designers in all of their brands produce and launch sales campaigns for the first time, independent of the help of developers.

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The results

Schibsted is now more versatile than ever

time to market by 90%

The first campaign running on Vev has reduced time spent by developers by 66% and is expected to decrease even further as their designers and marketers keep building competence and the QA is automated by Vev. 

Ability to set
bolder objectives

The power to launch campaigns is now in the hands of the teams responsible for the results. Vev has reduced the time for sales communication to go live, from idea to actually being visible for their users, drastically! This has enabled their teams to make different and bolder choices when marketing Schibsted products.

Exist in a space
ahead of the times

As the market changes, so do their campaign needs, and Vev is able to not only change with Schibsted but they can use Vev as a way to stay ahead of the times. They are discovering new fields for usage of Vev, like embedding web content on existing solutions or creating lightweight web applications and prototyping new ideas. Their development department is more effective – removing repetitive tasks for their valuable developers who can now spend their time building larger strategic solutions.

A much
happier culture

After six months, Schibsted conducted a user survey with all parties involved. The tool is in use across almost all areas in the Consumer Business department: Sales and Marketing, their various brands, CRM and development. They have heard nothing but positive feedback regarding the ability to collaborate better, save time and produce better work overall.

This is a great example of how startups and large corporations can create important innovation through collaboration. Although Vev is used by many large clients, Schibsted consumer business was the first who identified and took advantage of our technologies full potential. 

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- Tine Karlsen, Ceo at Vev

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