reportage, dn conference

“Havfolket” by DNX

Havfolket by DNX in Vev

created by our clients in vev

by vg partnerstudio

movie, nordisk film

Skjelvet by VG Partnerstudio in Vev

“da churchill sa nei til hitler”
by SCHIBSTED brand studio

movie, united international pictures

Da Churchill sa nei til Hitler by Schibsted Brand Studio in Vev

— Vev enables us to provide 100% customised products to our clients in a simple way.

charlotte wold, vg partnerstudio
project manager


feature reportage, bonnier news brand studio

PostNord by Bonnier News Brand Studio in Vev

gold winner, best native ad

Swedish Content Awards logo

— Our deliveries through Vev have significantly increased reader engagement with commercial articles, giving Adresseavisen the power to enter the native advertisement industry with new won pride. 

einar moen breivik, adresseavisen
production manager

feature, adresseavisen

by adresseavisen



Vev has been revolutionary for us. 

— The smart UI lets designers, developers and content managers collaborate from start to finish, letting us use our resources smarter.

didrik skodje, dnx
project manager

Thanks to Vev, we can now offer a new and exciting ad format with a shorter production process.

article, kpmg

“senior survey”
by dnx

KPMG by DNX in Vev