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D2’s print publication finally has just as much gusto in the online world as it does in the physical world.






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D2 is a prestigious lifestyle magazine, produced by the third-largest publisher in Norway, Dagens Næringsliv, every Friday. The magazine covers a wide range of cultural, art and lifestyle-related topics that have been internationally recognized for outstanding photography and design.

The Challenge:

The limiting journey from print to digital.

The Challenges

The Solution

A blank canvas with zero limitations.

“I was struck by how incredibly intuitive and expansive the tool was, and how quickly I was able to create what I envisioned with very few hindrances”

Mikkel Smith, Art Director

Vev quickly rose to the top.

It was as simple as that. Vev was the only tool that gave the writers and designers everything they needed to be able to translate their print publication onto the web without sacrificing a single asset. In fact, they could build on existing assets, and enhance their digital look and feel.

Expansive and intuitive throughout.

They were struck by how quickly they were able to learn how to use the tool and create what they had envisioned. Using a tool that is both intuitive and supported by an agile Vev support team, D2 has been able to bring new capabilities to any project.

Each process was simplified.

With very few hoops to jump through, D2 found the path from idea to final product to be even shorter and even more practical for producing a weekly magazine.

It can do things no other platform can.

Vev allows for free-flowing creation, through and through. The platform simply does not have the limitations other tools do, like Ceros or Webflow.

The Result
Let the work speak for itself.

Better work. Period.

The award-winning work that comes out of D2 on a weekly basis directly competes with the most heavily awarded publications in the world. Writers and designers now enjoy a less stressful production process and produce more work than ever before. Vev has helped digitally transform D2 far ahead of schedule and now they look to push the boundaries of creative content.

More innovative goals are being set.

Vev’s Design Editor brought D2 up to speed to the no-code movement but now they seek to take a bar higher. Looking ahead, D2 is already experimenting with the template tool within Vev to automate even their most creative builds.

Recognition and prestige.

Since using Vev, D2 has been recognized for their ability to push the envelope in the digital publication industry. Their work is better, their builds cost less and their designers are happier.

We over at Vev had a few follow-up questions for Mikkel...

Who is Mikkel Smith?
Art Director at D2
What three words would you use to summarize your experience with Vev?
Intuitive, powerful, playful.
What was your first impression of Vev?
I thought “wow, this is InDesign for the web!”. I was struck by how incredibly intuitive and expansive the tool was, and how quickly I was able to create what I envisioned with very few hindrances. Since then, Vev has evolved, and even the limitations that would frustrate me in the beginning have been addressed. Given enough experimentation (and some super capable support from the Vev-team) virtually anything is possible with Vev
What does Vev enable you to do, that other platforms do not?
Its free creation and drag-n-drop canvas. Vev simply doesn’t have the limitations that other platforms do.
What would you tell a designer or company who was looking for a similar tool?
Smart move company! Try it. I’d be shocked if you didn’t fall in love. As the world moves forward it is becoming more and more clear that digital tools are going to be integral to nearly every aspect of how we conduct our society. So clearly the tools need to be rational, well thought out, and ideally beautiful.