How No-code is Helping Businesses Scale their Marketing Efforts (& their Revenue)

September 27, 2023

Words by Tine Karlsen

Ready to change your marketing team for the better? Discover the secret of successful marketers.

Marketing leaders have one of the toughest jobs out there. With the average adult attention span slightly above 8 seconds, their mission to effectively drive awareness, communicate their vision, and show how their brand stands out from the competition can often feel impossible. 

Among all channels, your own website is your strongest asset. Marketing and design teams are often bursting with ideas on how to better connect with their audience. However, technical limitations, limited budgets, resources, and deadlines make it difficult to execute on the most original concepts. Great ideas are often diluted by technical limitations and limited resources and loose their edge, or, they never even see the light of day.

The answer? Incorporating a visual-first, no-code design tool like Vev, allowing your team of designers and marketers to create web experiences at scale — free of technical limitations.

Defining "No-Code Design"

Let's start with the basics — what is "no-code design"? No-code design allows non-developers (namely marketers and non-technical designers with organizations and agencies) to create professional digital content and web pages using a visual-first canvas. With a visual no-code tool like Vev, creating stunning landing pages, reports or advertorials filled with interactivity and animation without needing to code a thing.

How No-Code Empowers Modern Marketing Teams

Visual no-code development tools are a game-changer for any team desiring flexibility, autonomy, and the ability to save engineering time spent on making minor website updates. We built Vev to do all of this, while boosting creativity and supporting wild ideas.

You might think, "Great, but I can't convince my entire organization to switch to a new CMS. No point in exploring further." Well, here's the twist: we are not trying to convince you to switch your CMS. Vev is a creative extension to your existing tech stack, allowing you to choose which parts of your site to build visually and which parts to build traditionally in your existing CMS. Anything you design and build in Vev can be embedded straight into your existing website.

Rectangle, Font

Vev empowers design and marketing teams to build their ideas visually and launch them anywhere. Whether you are pushing fast paced content like promoting the spring campaign on the front page of your e-commerce store or launching a vast net of landing pages, Vev's design tools function as creative building blocks, adding a touch of fun and speed to the production process. Empower your team to design engaging digital experiences, stay agile and responsive, reduce reliance on developers (and budget strains), and execute on the ideas you believe in.

Interested? Let’s take a look at some more ways in which Vev can enhance your marketing team:

01. Technical setup

02. Workflow

03. Creative freedom


Technical setup: Using a no-code visual builder that connects to your tech stack

The Predicament your Team is Facing

For large organizations, procuring third-party technology can often feel like traversing a labyrinth. Your website and intricate tech stack are a symphony of interwoven dependencies and moving components. The intricacies of managing security and architecture can be overwhelming, leading to a murky understanding of the do's and don'ts .

For visionary marketing teams seeking enhanced efficiency, technical limitations often stand in the way of strategic investments in modern technology that would boost performance and creativity.

When it comes to introducing new tools, third-party platforms for web design — aimed at addressing immediate needs such as one-off landing pages and no-code website builders — often introduce a host of concerns ranging from security vulnerabilities and brand inconsistencies to technical restrictions.

Vev’s Solution: Seamlessly Fusing with Your Tech Stack

To the problems faced above, Vev emerges as the remedy, offering full freedom to create your vision, while seamlessly and securely intertwining with your existing tech stack. By eliminating technical barriers and adhering to stringent security protocols, all stakeholders can stand behind the implementation and use of the platform with confidence. 

Our commitment extends beyond mere lip service, as Vev by default facilitates ease of setup and integration into your established tech ecosystem. This translates into unprecedented flexibility, autonomy, and swiftness for your marketing division, all while sparing your engineers the burden of building things from scratch or wasting time on minor tweaks and updates.

Vev lets us create and publish highly immersive content experiences directly to client sites without reinventing their back-end.
Maria Egeland, Publicis

Forge Your Path with Vev: Creative Freedom, Simplified Publishing

Picture this: Crafting your dream content or sites in Vev, without coding a thing, and ushering it directly to your chosen destination — embedded in your existing CMS, a client’s website, or hosted with Vev.

Vev is a creative extension to any tech stack, allowing internal marketing and design teams to build a large variety of use-cases with complete creative freedom, before launching them on your existing platform. The process can be as straightforward as embedding a YouTube video, yet we also support more sophisticated setups, including secure and automated content delivery to your server. What's more, Vev harmoniously syncs with familiar third-party tools like Google Tag Manager, or wield the power of custom HTML Snippets for tailor-made integrations. Unleash your creation potential while staying grounded in your established marketing toolkit.

Our unique approach revolves around web design excellence while seamlessly integrating with complementary platforms for content management, hosting, and tracking. Say farewell to the limitations of generic, all-in-one solutions that fail to delve deep into your specific needs. Vev empowers you to choose targeted expertise for each facet of your digital strategy, allowing your team to shine in their respective roles.


Workflow: Realize your most exciting web concepts with complete creative and technical freedom

Examining the Current Broken, Unproductive Workflow

In the dynamic landscape of business, success relies on teams empowered to wield their expertise, driving innovation and enhancing performance with each stride. Marketers manage the art of captivating attention and sparking interest, developers construct the very backbone of our products and services, while designers orchestrate the visual narratives that elevate brands. However, these different core objectives create a continuous challenge.

There have been great strides in technology improving productivity and performance. However, teams are too often stuck in silos and forced to follow a workflow dictated by their tools instead of being empowered to co-create in the way they want. Marketers and designers naturally complete their briefs, designs, and prototypes before handing them over to developers, leading to idle periods where they are left waiting for development to catch up. Conversely, developers might need more time to implement designs than initially estimated, causing delays. 

In this process, managing design iterations and feedback loops can become convoluted, especially when using different tools and platforms. Sometimes, developers might encounter technical limitations that prevent them from fully realizing a designer's vision. This can result in compromises on the design or require additional time and effort to find alternative solutions.

For marketing leaders, this scenario often leads to teams grappling with the frustrations of dependencies and bottlenecks. You might find yourself hesitating to discuss innovative concepts, remaining confined within the boundaries of the established norms. Minor adjustments even rely on developer intervention, given that the visual essence of your website is governed by unwavering CMS templates and themes. Concurrently, you witness promising opportunities and the untapped potential of your teams slipping away unnoticed. It’s time for a change.

How Vev Benefits Designers, Developers and Marketers - and Propels your Production Process

Vev is an intuitive tool that allows the whole team to work in one place. 

  1. In-house marketing teams can roll out their most ambitious digital campaigns with unparalleled speed and efficiency. 
  2. Agencies can deliver intricate web projects to their clients at speed and scale. 
  3. For teams with development resources, Vev provides the freedom to develop custom design components via our CLI to match their needs perfectly. 

On top of this, Vev integrates with any existing tech stacks so that you can start using it immediately. The results have already been proven by users such as Schibsted. Discover more below.

Proof of Value: Schibsted's Success with Vev

An over 60% decrease in developer resources and a 90% decreased time to market... how good does that sound? By improving their workflow with Vev, Schibsted was able to scale production across their entire company, and welcome bigger and better creative projects.


Creative freedom: Vev brings previously siloed teams into one tool to unlock your team's full creative potential

The creative process is inherently collaborative, and creating on the web should be accessible to everyone. Balancing usability for varying technical proficiencies with powerful functionality that enables experimentation and pushing creative boundaries is crucial. The challenge of bridging design and code lies not only in the technical aspects, but also in maintaining the original artistic essence while ensuring functional viability. To address this, we merged design, content editing, and code into one platform and streamlined workflow, appealing to all sides of the web design process.

For marketing teams, this results in the muscle power to capitalize on new business opportunities and the ability to explore new directions.

Build: Empowering creatives to do their best work

The no-code movement is all about empowering creatives. The center of our platform is a design editor where designers can build fully responsive, interactive and totally custom sites and content that can live anywhere on the web. Our design tool is similar to well known design tools such as Figma, enabling designers to design naturally, while the code is automatically generated in the background.

With a library of pre-built interactive elements and animations, there is no need for coding knowledge. Designers are free to build their visions from scratch, iterate quickly and empower their wider team by creating resources that are easy to scale and utilize again and again.

Proof of Value: Message Lab Wins at Content Marketing Awards with Vev

Vev-users Message Lab took home gold at Content Marketing Awards 2023, gaining much deserved recognition for their work produced using Vev.

Scale: Helping marketing teams become more agile

Many creative marketers, content producers and designers often feel stuck in the middle. On the one hand, you have no-code tools with limited freedom. On the other hand, tools with full freedom, but requiring developer skills. At Vev, we don’t believe you should have to choose whether to compromise on creative freedom or speed.

Traditional web projects that would previously have taken months, can now be executed in a matter of weeks. Something a developer could do in a few weeks, we can now do with no-code in a few days.
Hannah Springett, HLabs

Customize: The power to develop your own design components

At Vev, we believe in making web creation more accessible, but we also know that no-code alone can only take the web so far. We built Vev to withstand the test of time and rapid development. This includes opening up the platform with developer tools that empower the entire team and ensure full flexibility. In Vev, developers can code custom components for marketing and design teams. These non-technical teams can access these custom components at any time for any project in Vev, removing repetitive requests and tasks for developers.

Try Vev — the Perfect Creative Extension for any Tech Stack

For teams of designers and marketers, creative limitations are the ultimate downfall. Using outdated processes and multiple platforms slows down your digital content production. Vev eliminates these boundaries. As an all-in-one web builder for designers, marketers, and developers, Vev empowers professional teams and creative agencies to launch digital campaigns at speed and scale with complete creative and technical freedom. Now you’re free to focus on what really matters: realizing your most ambitious web concepts.

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