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Vev empowers this legendary outdoor brand to create unique e-commerce campaigns and product pages that convert and capture their audiences. 

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Osprey is an international apparel company, specializing in outdoor gear for the world’s most daring people and outdoor enthusiasts. They have built a community around the spirit of outdoor adventure, which continues to grow and evolve.

The Challenges
Let’s take a journey through their challenges, solutions and results, shall we?

Custom content took too long to create.

Osprey is one of the world’s most innovative outdoor gear brands. They want their content to feel as premium as the brand. But since the e-commerce team is often hustling to roll out marketing and product launch pages, they don’t have a lot of spare time to develop unique landing pages that bespoke builds could offer.  Before Vev, refreshing their online presence meant contending with their developer’s schedule or finding the budget to hire outside help. 

CMS was slowing teams down.

Osprey’s primary CMS worked fine for templated blog posts. But anything more creative, like a landing page or interactive story, required custom development — and a ton of back and forth to get pixel perfect. 

Project backlogs hampered creativity.

Managers were wasting precious hours overseeing content creation. And eventually, the whole team hit a bottleneck, which limited how quickly they could bring new campaigns to life. 

The Solutions

An intuitive tool for the entire team.

“The key thing is, you don’t need to be an expert to build pages in Vev. At first you might look at it and get overwhelmed, but the Vev team — all experts in their own right — gave recommendations every step of the way.”

Lewis Bowen, Senior Ecommerce Coordinator

Publicis' Creative Shortcut

World-class content, DIY-style.

At first, Osprey tried a few popular no-code design tools, which had steep learning curves and cumbersome interfaces. When they found Vev, everything clicked. It only took a few minutes for the team to get familiar with Vev’s intuitive Design Editor, which feels refreshingly similar to their favorite design tools. 

Collaborate in real-time.

Vev empowers both Osprey’s content creators and developers to focus on the challenges they’re best equipped to solve — all on the same canvas. The content editor and dashboard lets marketers obsess over things like headlines and social media descriptions. Developers get a fully integrated code editor, which opens up countless possibilities and saves them time with reusable components. 

Plays with existing tech stack.

Osprey’s marketers now have the freedom to create exactly what they have in mind, then push it live anywhere they like. Since Vev can publish to nearly any CMS or server with powerful hosting integrations, the team is no longer held back by their current tech stack. 

Design Editor view of design with Osprey backpacks, Woman in Hemp field

The Results
Launch in hours, not weeks.

Everyone gets on the same page — fast.

Since everyone on the team can collaborate in real-time, Vev essentially eliminates the need for prototypes and endless handoffs. Building and QA seamlessly happen at once. What might’ve taken weeks to build with custom development can now happen in hours. 

Optimizing anything doesn't break anything.

Osprey’s digital marketers are always looking to optimize landing pages to drive more conversions and improve the user experience. With custom development, even small tweaks can require significant work. But with Vev, they can test and finetune without breaking anything — including their developer’s heart. 

The whole team has the power to create.

After a quick ramp-up, Osprey has been able to create world-class digital experiences with no code. Now, the team has the tools to launch campaigns faster and more effectively.

We over at Vev had a few follow-up questions for Lewis...

Who is Lewis Bowen?
As the Senior Ecommerce Coordinator, he helps drive growth in Osprey’s direct-to-consumer (DTC) business. He has a keen eye for improving user experiences and creating interactive content that converts. 
What three words would you use to summarize your experience with Vev?
Quick, premium and innovative.
When did you realize your old workflow wasn’t, well, working?
It got to the point where, especially with covid, the PR teams and the whole of marketing basically pushed all of their efforts digitally. And we hit a bottleneck. My colleague was building pages pretty much as his full-time job. There was just so much time he was spending working on pages, feeding them back and forth. 
When you first shared Vev with your teammates, what was their reaction? 
People were absolutely amazed at what I was able to build without paying loads of money to have someone else do it. It’s really easy to make something really impressive, which is super, super cool. 
How does Vev help your team quickly scale and grow your marketing campaigns? 
We’ll often have loads of ideas, but we’re limited by time or technical capacity. Instead of mocking an idea up in Photoshop and trying to replicate it later, our team can build something better, directly in Vev. It gives us the freedom to drag and drop, but also create something that looks world-class. 
What would you say to a designer or brand that might be considering using Vev?
As long as you’ve got the vision, Vev is definitely the tool to drive it forward. Vev completely streamlines the process of cross-team collaboration. You can focus more on the work, not on fighting to find the middle ground.