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Decimal creates premium digital products for a wide range of global clients, spanning Google, Meta, Magnum Photos, and even Vev. Specializing in brand identity, motion graphics, and immersive websites, they pride themselves in crafting cutting-edge creative with soul.



Web design is becoming increasingly interactive, yet most design agencies still use static formats to explore and pitch their ideas.

Decimal quickly realized that they needed interactive prototypes to communicate the advanced animations, interactive elements, and transitions they had in mind.

Using Vev, Decimal now creates living, breathing prototypes for advanced interactive projects—without spending any budget on coding.

The Challenges
Let’s take a journey through their challenges, solutions and results, shall we?

Testing advanced creative

Static prototypes make it extremely difficult to conceptualize advanced interactive experiences. Without seeing animations and transitions in motion, Decimal found it difficult to test and explore them—let alone know whether elements of their design would actually work.

Getting clients excited

Communicating motion to clients using flat, static designs is counter-intuitive. Decimal tried prototyping interactivity with Figma, but found it limiting on animation capabilities. After Effects videos couldn’t fully communicate the complexity of a scroll-based experience, meaning clients often struggled to visualize or understand the final product.

Keeping prototyping lightweight

Decimal wanted to push prototypes as much as possible without coding. Like many creative agencies, they didn't always have developers available to explore complex interactive concepts in depth—nor did they want to involve such an expensive resource so early on.

"Vev has been a game changer for pitching 3D and video-based concepts. Clients find it really fun to move things around and experience them—this is really what they want to see."

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Guillermo Brotons, Decimal

The Solutions
Living, Breathing Prototypes

Experiencing, not showing

Vev lets Decimal create true-to-life interactive prototypes for clients and colleagues to manipulate, scroll through, and interact with. Sophisticated design elements—including animations, video content, horizontal scrolling, interactions, 3D objects, and parallax—can all be experienced, rather than described.

Advanced prototyping without code

Vev’s no-code tools allow Decimal to mock up advanced interactive designs visually without coding anything. Pre-coded components and animations can be easily arranged on a free-roaming canvas and fully customized. Vev does still offer the option to code, so developers can build custom widgets and use any of the underlying code.

Empowering everyone in the creative process

Combining the best of no-code and low-code, Vev enables designers, developers, and content marketers to work effectively together from one intuitive space. Vev is helping Publicis break the technical barrier surrounding immersive content, to the point where everyone now wants to be involved in Vev.

The Results

Bringing the

"Wow Factor"

Clearer creative communication

With high-fidelity “living” prototypes, Decimal and their clients know exactly how advanced digital products should look and behave. Aside from managing expectations and doing ideas justice, this has helped to reduce developer back-and-forth during implementation.

Next-level pitching

Vev is allowing Decimal to demonstrate the full force of their creativity. Showing highly interactive, animated prototypes has made client pitches more impressive—being much better received, more exciting, more fun, and more "real" when compared to static ones.

Making complexity cost-effective

By removing the need to code advanced animations and interactions, Vev offers a much more cost-effective alternative to coding prototypes. This also reduces perceived risk around bold new approaches, allowing Decimal to test new interactive combinations without them becoming “expensive”.

"Vev outperforms static Figma prototypes on quality of experience. Communicating the nuance, tactility, and delight of interactions is hugely important for us."

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Guillermo Brotons, Decimal

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