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Vev enables international media and tech agency Publicis to produce immersive content experiences at scale without the traditional costs, risks, and technical obstacles.





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Publicis SHIFT produces premium content for prestigious brands including Samsung, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Mercedes-Benz. Quick to recognize the power of digital storytelling, they specialize in turning articles, sites, reports, and presentations into memorable interactive experiences.

The Power of


In a saturated content market, brands need to create more visually dynamic, memorable digital experiences to stand out.

Publicis quickly understood the power of immersive content in helping clients reach audiences more efficiently and cost-effectively. Since partnering with Vev, scaling immersive content has become central to their competitive advantage.

The Challenges

Pioneering new content formats

Cutting-edge agencies need to adapt to increasingly unusual client briefs. Trusted for their creative ambition, Publicis' reputation depends on their ability to pioneer creative new content formats. Inspired by the New York Times’ big feature editorials, they sought to make immersive content experiences more accessible to their clients—helping them move away from tired, static editorial formats. They found Vev and started experimenting.

Working with limited budgets

Despite the high return on investment, content is still deprioritized by clients, who continue to spend the majority of campaign budgets on expensive digital commercials. The resources required to produce immersive content act as a further deterrent to producing more imaginative creative—for clients and agencies alike.

Overcoming technical limitations

Agencies like Publicis are expected to work fluently with a huge range of client content creation and CMS solutions. Each comes with its own technical limitations, which make it difficult to fully realize a creative vision. Dynamic, interactive content experiences are only possible when hard coded from scratch.

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Maria Egeland,

Publicis Norway

"We need to offer unique, visual digital experiences to get people to spend their precious time on our content. In a fast moving business with fast moving communication, Vev is a perfect match."

The Solution

Moving beyond CMS limitations

Acting as a creative front-end builder for any content platform, Vev lets Publicis build experiential content for every client. With flexible hosting options, they can publish to a client's website without having to get involved with their systems. Tech stacks simply cease to be a creative obstacle.

Simplifying creative experimentation

From "zero scroll" briefs and animated presentations, to interactive quiz components, Vev is enabling Publicis to explore exciting new creative directions. Pre-coded elements like 3D models are allowing creatives to test out bold ideas without them being too complicated. Publics are so convinced by the creative possibilities, they have decided to build their own website in Vev.

Empowering everyone in the creative process

Combining the best of no-code and low-code, Vev enables designers, developers, and content marketers to work effectively together from one intuitive space. Vev is helping Publicis break the technical barrier surrounding immersive content, to the point where everyone now wants to be involved in Vev.

The Results

Immersive as the New Standard

Producing premium content faster

Thanks to Vev's no-code approach, Publicis no longer has to spend weeks coding immersive content from scratch. This quicker time-to-market is enabling them to take on more client work, all while improving the profitability of individual projects.

Doing more with less resource

By reducing the development resource required to build projects, Vev has helped Publicis remove the perceived risk of investing in immersive content—even within their own organization. The technical effort of hosting, maintaining servers, and taking responsibility for any downtime is also completely handled by Vev.

Winning work with bolder creative

When clients ask Publicis to create things they've never produced before, Vev hands them the creative flexibility to figure it out—something that is only adding to their brand's innovative image. As a result of the partnership, both Publicis and Vev have a stronger client offering. Publicis now has the tools to showcase their brand and work more creatively when winning over clients.

Focusing on creating—not managing tech

For Publicis, Vev represents digital transformation for content marketing in a tool. Instead of creative being dictated by the limitations of a client's tech stack, Publicis can realize concepts in Vev without compromise. The team has more freedom to experiment and push content formats forward, knowing that Vev will let them publish their work to any environment.

Street fashion, Flash photography, Skin, Lip, Smile, Hairstyle, Eye, Black, Sleeve

Maria Egeland,

Publicis Norway

"We know we are still very much early adopters in using Vev. We still need to push our clients on what content can do—and we haven’t even explored everything Vev is capable of."