The 10 Best Landing Page Designs We’ve Seen

January 18, 2023

Words by Jeff Cardello

Whatever the goal of your landing page, mastering the design will help you reach it.

A landing page is your chance to grab attention, and convince users that your website, service, or product is worth their time. For this reason, it is essential to consider the design of your landing page, transforming your ideas into something that pops.

Thanks to the rise of no-code web creation tools, great landing page design no longer requires in-depth coding knowledge or big budgets. Using pre-coded animations and interactive elements, you can create immersive designs that engage and nudge users towards the goal of your page, which is what all the best landing page designs out there ultimately do.

What is a Landing Page?

At their very essence, landing pages provide specific experiences and information that differs from the typically more generalized content found on a brand or organization’s main website and home page. The main difference is that landing pages are designed with a single purpose or focus in mind, often with a call to action (CTA) to sign up or make a purchase.

Landing pages ensure that visitors are not overwhelmed with every use case you are targeting or piece of content you have published. Instead, they provide visitors with information relevant to their needs, and a simple flow which often leads to a single CTA. A landing page might guide people to a newsletter sign-up form, showcase a product or marketing campaign, or provide visitors with specialized information that they may not find anywhere else.

Landing pages often occupy independent URLs, but can also be found as subdomains. Since they exist independently, they offer brands a space to be more creative and give visitors a distinct user experience separate from the main site.

What Do the Best Landing Page Designs Have in Common?

Landing pages only have a short amount of space to connect with visitors and win them over. To accomplish this, the best landing page designs are often made up of the following:

  • Concise content 
  • A clear CTA
  • Compelling headlines
  • A well-defined and consistent brand voice
  • Minimal navigation options
  • A short length, usually consisting of one single page

While the above is a near-essential checklist, the most powerful landing page designs often always use either one, or a combination, of animations and interactive elements. These help not only to grab attention, but encourage users to scroll and guide them towards key information and CTAs.

The Best Landing Page Designs We’ve Seen

To give you an idea of the sheer diversity of design approaches out there, let’s explore some landing pages in the wild. Here's a handy shortlist of the best landing page designs we’ve come across. 

Publicis Norway

If you have a big announcement, a landing page is a perfect way to share it with the world. Publicis launched this landing page to share the news about three Norwegian agencies—Starcom, Kitchen, and MSL—coming together.

Opening things up is a tumble of letters, with a scroll-triggered animation that blows these letterforms apart. It’s an attention-grabbing effect that brings focus to what’s on screen. Designed with Vev, you’ll also find other creative visuals on this page, like time-delayed fade-ins, embedded videos, and single-image parallax scrolling effects, that give this space a sense of motion.

Showing off the best of their work, this design builds excitement about these agencies coming together, and the strengths of their combined talents.

Umami Land

Created by Google, Umami Land takes visitors on an animated journey through some of the most beloved dishes of Japan.

You’re led on this culinary adventure by a joyful character made of rice, through a landscape dotted with egg-topped mountains, bean sprouts, and other delicacies. The illustrations are beautiful, with a quirky Anime sensibility to showcase yet more of the Japanese culture. Along with the brilliant art, there’s a wonderful use of audio with micro-interactions triggering video games, and an upbeat soundtrack.

Throughout this animated experience you’ll find Google’s instantly recognizable magnifying glass icon where you can learn about different Japanese dishes. This landing page not only teaches users about Japanese cuisines like Tamago Kake Gohan and Omu Rice, but has calls to action that launch Google searches to find restaurants serving this food in your area. This is a gorgeous and entertaining site to visit, also serving as a Google search portal about Japanese food.


90octane communicates its philosophy on design through a colorful layout of purples, blues, and stylized illustrations. Built with Vev, you’ll find horizontally scrolled sections, scroll-triggered animations, and parallax effects that add dynamism to the content.

After making their way through the main content, users are brought to a single call to action with the message “Let’s Connect” with a simple submission form. Arriving on this call to action is a short distance from the top, with everything leading up to it explaining who they are and the value of their work. All of the animations and micro-interactions further guide users to this CTA, making this one of the best landing page designs due to its design aiding the final goal being reached.

La Prairie

La Prairie created a stunning virtual showroom to feature its line of Skin Caviar skin care products. With rippling waters, swelling electronic music, and 3D product images that you can rotate around, this is a mesmerizing space that draws you into a cool and calming virtual world.

Retailers often create landing pages to support marketing campaigns or build brand awareness, and La Prairie comes through with one of the best landing page design examples we’ve seen that creates a sense of atmosphere and beauty around its featured products.

Publicis DK

The Denmark-based Publicis Groupe starts out with a hero section featuring an embedded video. It’s a lengthy reel, but with a mix of split screens, zoom-ins and zoom-outs, and quick edits, it’s an eye-pleasing montage that highlights the projects they’ve worked on. You also have the option to switch on the audio, which plays a bass-rattling electronic dance track that syncs up with the video.

Built with Vev, this landing page design includes eye-catching visuals like an animated typewriter effect, parallax scrolling, along with an elegant color palette of blue, gray, and gold. With this landing page design Publicis Groupe offers visitors a refined user experience that conveys the essence of who they are as creatives.

Sprite: Hall of Zero Limits

The Hall of Zero Limits is a promotional landing page from Sprite in collaboration with the film Black Panther: Wakanda forever. The landing page is “a guided, 3D immersive space inspired by the lure and advanced world of Wakanda.” The creators of the website, Wunderman Thompson, describe it as an experience that “users can explore freely and choose their own path with the help of a Wisdom Guide that leads them through curated content, an inspiration garden and a persona quiz to help them discover their potential gifts.” 

This is one of the best landing page designs we have found due to its uniquely creative take on 3D web design and immersive web trends. The landing page also features short videos of both the film’s creators as well as Sprite promotional videos, making this a space in which both brands are promoted in an exciting and fun way.

Obverse Studio

One of the best landing page design practices is to keep things short and to the point. Obverse created this one-page design with Vev which communicates who they are and what they do in a minimum of space.

Though this is a one-page design, Obverse doesn’t skimp on the visuals. There’s a nice use of layering as well as scroll-triggered parallax effects that give this space a sense of depth.

We’re huge fans of the bouncy text animation here. Vev offers ready-made text effects—this particular animation was put together using our animated text add-on. This feature offers plenty of flexibility in the appearance and movement of letters, making it possible to pull off complex animations.

UI Kids

Though UI elements like checkboxes, toggle buttons, and drop downs serve important roles in how visitors interact with websites, they’re not known to have much personality. UI Kids, a digital comic created by the web development agency Evrone, transforms these utilitarian elements into cartoon characters. The landing page is a learning resource, creating excitement about something not all that exciting through the design.

It’s a purposeful, fun landing page design, with a cast of common UI elements all personified with a sense of silliness. Along with showing that Evrone has a sense of humor, UI kids also shows off their design skills with quirky animations, playful color combinations, and creative typography.

Vev: Scrollytelling

Of course, our own in-house designers made the cut for creating some of the best landing page designs out there. It’s no secret that we love seeing content and visuals combined together in creative and imaginative ways. We designed this landing page about scrollytelling not only to educate people about this immersive form of telling digital stories but to also showcase what’s possible with Vev.

Along with content covering the basics of scrollytelling, we filled this space with interesting visuals. There are video embeds with screen captures from scrollytelling websites, Lottie animations of colorful geometric forms, as well as animations like text fade-ins to help create noticeable sections and draw attention to key information.

One of the best landing page design practices is to have a focus, and here our goal was to show you what scrollytelling is about, and how you can create your own scrollytelling websites with Vev.

Preferable Future of Food

Preferable Future for Food opens up with a sobering message about the current state of industrial food production. With a sparse layout of yellow and lifeless gray images of food like hamburgers and tomatoes, it doesn’t exactly make one want to head to the nearest fast food drive-thru.

Just a short scroll down, this bleak foodscape opens up with a video of green and leafy plants with the message, “When food is actually life.” This one-page experimental landing page design offers messages of hope, predicting a future of more sustainable food production practices where variety and nutrition will be accessible to everyone.

The Best Landing Page Designs are Made in Vev

Vev makes it possible to scale stunning landing pages full of dazzling animations, interactivity, and creative typography — all without involving a developer. Design visually on a tactile canvas using our extensive library of pre-coded design elements and animations. When you're ready, publish anywhere on the web — including to an existing CMS.

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