10 Interactive Website Examples to Inspire Your Next Web Project

June 14, 2022

Words by Jeff Cardello

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Interactive websites aren't just about cutting through the digital noise—your audience is increasingly expecting them.

Remember when infographics were all the rage? In today’s content marketing scene, they’re embarrassingly static. While highly-visual content remains key to standing out, premium publishers are increasingly moving away from flat, motionless websites to serve readers immersive, interactive experiences.

We’ve analyzed some of the most creative and interesting web design techniques for creating websites that breathe and flex—pulling together a range of interactive website examples to show you how they work together in the wild.

Interactive Websites as the New Norm

The internet used to be a much less exciting space.

User experiences were passive, with the only opportunities to engage with a design being limited to a handful of UI elements and links. Text and images sat still, and vertically scrolling through the screen was the only action afforded. It was kind of boring, but it’s all we knew.

Today, the web is full of interactivity. There are horizontal scrolls of content to move through, graphics that respond to our clicks and spring into motion, hover effects that grab our attention, as well as a slew of animations and other visual movement that draws us deeper into a design.

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In a saturated content market, brands are in competition with everything—they need to stand out and make more visual digital experiences, not just regular marketing content.

– Maria Egeland, Publicis

Interactive Website Example Techniques

Web design has come so far in what it offers in terms of interactivity. It seems like there’s always some new technique coming out, giving web designers fresh ways of adding interactivity to their work.

It’s an exciting space to work in, and here at Vev we’re so happy to be a part of it. Yet, we get that “interactivity” is a big term, so here are the main interactive website techniques we see creatives using again and again, to great effect:


From hover effects and hotspots on images, to graphics and Lottie animations that capture your attention, micro-interactions can provide subtle nudges to keep exploring your content.

Dynamic Scrolling

Parallax, horizontal scrolling sections, and scrollytelling more generally continue to be hot techniques for injecting instant movement into websites.

Video and Image sections

Video background sections are used everywhere across the web—particularly for hero sections on landing pages, as they instantly draw us into a visual story.

3D Elements

More niche but extremely fun, using 3D on websites is still outside of most marketers’ budgets. It’s why we’ve created a pre-code 3D component in Vev that lets you either upload your own GLB files or select them from popular libraries.


Done badly, using audio on your website can completely turn off your readers—nothing ends a session faster than blasting something they weren’t expecting. Try using subtle, harmonious sound effects alongside images on scroll to bring extra depth to your site.

Gorgeous Interactive Website Examples

Ready to see how interactivity livens up web designs? Let’s dive right into ten different interactive website examples, showing you just a glimpse of what’s possible.

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Norway Salvation Army

This charming interactive website for the Norwegian Salvation Army is designed around an illustrated cityscape. Snowflakes fall through the sky and windows illuminate as you scroll through the page, introducing the faces of new characters. An individual from the Salvation Army stands in front, with a collection bucket open for anyone who wants to donate.

This web design built with Vev offers a powerful story on those experiencing financial hardship in Norway. The illustrations shift from scene to scene as you scroll, revealing the stories of those struggling, and how the Salvation Army is supporting them. This would be a beautiful and meaningful design even without the scroll-triggered effects, but these interactions make it possible to get closer in understanding at an emotional level the importance of how the Salvation Army helps those in need—and prompts us to keep reading.

This is one of most beautifully drawn interactive website examples we came across for this piece, and we hope you take a look at it for its message of courage and hope.

Ohzi Interactive

The text “Dive into Digital Magic” greets you when first landing on this website for Ohzi Interactive, and there is so much creative design wizardry here to behold. With luminescent cubes, transitions with starfire-like explosions of color, as well as other dazzling scroll-triggered animations, this website feels like entering an alternate dimension of motion and color.

Ohzi Interactive provides one of the most mesmerizing interactive website examples we’ve come across, with every section revealing something imaginative that we’ve never encountered anywhere else.

Nordsjoen Movie

With a video grab of oil rigs ablaze with black smoke billowing into the sky, this is a dramatic opening for this website promoting the film North Sea. This visual immediately draws us into the action of this film. Scrolling down fades out this background video, like one scene cutting to another in a movie.

Along with videos and still images from the film, this design also offers several interactions. This horizontally scrolled gallery gives a timeline of the narrative in the film, capturing in just a short amount of space the storyline without giving too much away

This design masterfully weaves together movie clips, still shots, and writing for a website that captures the action and excitement of this movie’s story.

Gym Thing

This health and exercise interactive website built with Vev offers some fantastic cartoons of people exercising, which ties right in with its message of self-improvement. The hero section offers you to pull down on an exercise machine handle bar. We love seeing unique signifiers like this interactive exercise machine graphic, and it fits in so well with the health conscious theme of this design.

This may be one of the more simple interactive website examples we found, but this handlebar element really made an impression on us with its inventiveness and sense of humor.


Looking for a nice meal out in Oslo? Sulten acts as a restaurant guide to all the hip eateries that this city has to offer.

Hover effects and micro-interactions are an effective way to capture visitors’ attention, and there are plenty of elements that guide you in engaging with this design. These circles, with the names of eateries, change from red to grey on hover, and the background text moves when you move the cursor outside of this grouping.

With a color palette of warm reds and browns, and filled with motion, this design won’t only please your eyes but will entice your appetite with the delightful restaurants it features. Sulten doesn’t over do it, making it one of the more simple interactive website examples built with Vev we’ve seen. Yet, it still has enough action to guide you through its culinary offerings.


Artificilia acts as an online gallery for Bridgette Ashton’s artistic work. Scrolling down reveals her alien plant-like ceramics in a horizontal space, slowly sliding her work by with individual pieces getting pushed to the front, then moving back into place. You can then click on whatever captures your attention, which then magnifies the piece of art giving you a closer look.

It’s a weird and unconventional design, fitting so well with the strange and wonderful ceramics that Bridgette creates.

Zendesk Museum of Annoying Experiences

Zendesk makes tools for businesses that help them communicate and stay connected with their customers. Their Museum of Annoying Experiences takes you through an augmented reality journey into all of the common frustrations we come across as consumers. The focus here is on comedy, with it being full of laughs in recognition of all the aggravating things we experience in our daily lives.

As pure brand marketing content, this interactive website example is purely about entertaining,  with Zendesk providing a joyful romp through all that we find exasperating.

My Developer Journey

This animated website tells Bruno Santo’s history as a developer in a fun horizontal scrolling journey of 8-bit nostalgia. We’re fans of the clunky pixellated graphics, and the gamelike feel of this web space makes you want to keep scrolling through it.

As you stroll through this timeline there are several clickable graphics. With a simple icon that reads “Skills” you’re brought to the following page below showcasing his software and programming prowess. This is so much more enjoyable than accessing this section through a top nav of menu options.

This Nintendo styled design offers so much more than a traditional portfolio website, showing off Bruno’s imagination as well as design and development chops, making it one of the most original interactive website examples we’ve recently come across.

Victoire Douy

Victoire Douy is a French Illustrator and interactive designer who puts all her talents on display in this delicate, yet enthralling design. There are animated effects, like the text that jumps up as you scroll down, but there are other more subtle moments of movement too. All of the featured projects have a string that’s attached to them; hovering over it makes it twist and turn. It’s a tiny detail that literally ties the projects together and adds so much to the whimsy of this design.

This experimental portfolio, full of gorgeous visuals and illustration, communicates her artistic aesthetic so well.


On this opening screen for the Russian video production company Lispako, a series of colorful shapes float around the screen as if suspended in space. Each of these represents a theme of films they’ve worked on. Clicking on a shape flips it vertically into place, before transporting you to a video reel. We crave web experiences that are new and exciting, and Lispako presents all of their video production work in a way that’s imaginative, drawing us in, and guiding us to see all that there is to see.

Create Your Own Interactive Website

Excited to build more immersive websites, but feel like it’s too complicated or expensive? Vev gives anyone the tools to create premium interactive websites with no coding required. Drag and drop interactive components from our extensive no-code library and add animations on top in a click. Code fiends can also customize anything directly using React.

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