Never struggle with tracking scripts again. Vev comes with a range of easy-to-use plugins to allow you to add and manage metadata, SEO, tracking pixels and other third-party integrations for your Vev sites.

Less technical team members can now handle your sites' invisible features with ease.

Tracking and metadata



Our flexible setup is optimized to handle any scenario, to streamline and simplify tracking of your digital communication. This is suitable for single sites, to manage campaigns on behalf of clients, or to stay on top of the various sites and campaigns on your platform.

Core settings are default settings that will always apply to sites published on a specific domain, such as the main domain where you publish new sites frequently.

Set up default plugins which should always be present on sites published through a specific domain once, and overwrite when needed.

Workspaces are smart folders used to structure the management of several clients or areas of your business.

Use Workspace Plugins to overwrite or add additional settings, or Core settings when publishing projects collected in a workspace.

Use project-level plugins to add new plugins or override any previous settings that may have been inherited from the Core or Workspace level for single projects.

Hosting and Publishing Solutions

Vev offers hosting solutions optimized for standalone sites and powerful integrations covering the needs of large enterprises.