What is interactive content and how can you elevate your content with it?

Written by Malin Pettersen


How can we visually create that ‘wow effect’ on the digital content we create? What methods can we use as the Art of Persuasion?

Today we are all digital content creators; everything from our social media to our annual reports to our blog posts. There's a ton of content out there. While consumption increases, our attention span decreases and we desire a ‘wow effect’ to be convinced by the content we absorb.

We call it interactive content, custom content, and bespoke builds. We can all agree there is a buzz around content being more than content. What does this mean exactly?

What is interactive content?

When something is interactive, it allows for a two-way flow of information between two parties – essentially a computer and a computer user – responding to a user's input. When we say interactive content, we mean that the visual content presented to us responds to events. Like a dialogue.

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Common effects used to build interactiveness are animations, parallax, scroll interactions, sticky positions, sound, and video.

Vev has a lot of ready-to-go components you can easily use as a designer or marketer. If you want to bring your content to the next interactive level, we offer a native animation solution in addition to our Lottie integration. In our React Code Editor, you can build your own custom interactive components: no limitations.

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Why should you create interactive content?

In the instance where research has compared less or non-interactive content to interactive content, greater interactivity tends to lead to more positive attitudes towards the content as well as increasing motivation to process the content. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 93% of marketers think of interactive content as extremely effective. Yet, 60% of marketers have identified creating engaging content as one of their major challenges.

This is a challenge we are highly passionate about and with Vev you can really focus on creating a visual, interactive www. Because we have unique hosting possibilities and an intuitive, yet professional, content creation platform, you can create interactive content faster, smarter, and better than what you have been able to before.

Vev is created to empower your team to be creative when it comes to building your digital presence. Move from downloadable whitepapers, standardized templates, and expensive hard-coded builds, to digital living pieces worthy of representing your brand and engaging your consumers.

93% of marketers think of interactive content as extremely effective